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"Cory is a fantastic trainer: talented, professional, intelligent, and knowledgable. I have been training with Cory for 2 years, and have seen a dramatic change in my strength, stamina, and overall fitness level. He understands the body, and he creates workouts which are challenging, interesting, fun, and balanced. He is able to improvise and work around physical issues to maximize each workout, so even if I have a small injury, I still get a full workout. Cory is also extremely professional, and in the 2 years I have been training with him, he has never been late and never cancelled. I highly recommend Cory as a trainer, he's definitely the best!"

- Cullanete B.

"Cory is 100% the best. As a high school/college athlete, I worked with a lot of different coaches and trainers, but there's something about Cory that just works. He motivates you without the tough-guy/yelling/drill sergeant crap; he's knowledgeable without being arrogant; he pushes you without being overbearing. He put up with my near-constant whining and complaining, which warrants more stars than yelp allows me to give. Our workouts were fun and challenging. I gained noticeable increases in my strength and balance. (I have muscles! In my arms!) I'm no longer terrified of misusing the equipment or being in the free weight room. Most importantly, working with Cory gave me confidence. While I'd much rather work out with him around, I'm not scared to conquer the gym without him. Cory's awesome at keeping the workouts fresh and exciting - in the 14 months I worked with him, we never did the same workout twice. He knew exactly how hard to push me and tailored our workouts to my skills, interests and abilities. He was happy to help me with my form and spent a lot of time and effort teaching me how to do squats and cleans, which I really wanted to learn. In the future, I know that I have hundreds of challenging exercises to choose from. Lastly, Cory has a great personality, which makes getting out of bed and heading to the gym much easier. He's quick-witted and easygoing and will have you laughing throughout your workout."

- Christi G.

"I trained with Cory for 6 months and he is AMAZING!

It took me weeks to find a trainer that understood my needs as a client with several health concerns (fibromyalgia, ligament laxity, neck surgery 2.5yrs ago). Cory was the first person that didn't treat me like an invalid or push me to the point of injury. His workouts were tailored to me and my concerns, and were FUN! He never let me get discouraged or self-conscious. I always looked forward to our sessions together. I would HIGHLY recommend Cory to anyone looking to make a change in their fitness routine."

- Emily S.

"I trained with Cory for 7 months and within that short period

of time he was able to help me jumpstart my workout regime as well as reach some major weight loss goals. Cory took me through workouts that I was then able to incorporate into my own workouts and really was vigilant in making sure I was doing exercises correctly and safely, which empowered me to do them on my own time as well. Having observed him with other clients I know he is capable of working successfully with a range of ages and skill levels and always manages to have fun with his clients. I really enjoyed working with Cory, and I couldn't have made the progress I did without him!"

- Natasha C.

"Cory is a wonderful trainer! He is really fun and motivating

and we never do the same thing twice; he is very creative with his routines. Use him and you will see (and feel!) the results."

- Sarah E.

"When I first started training with Cory, I was nervous.

I hadn't worked out much and didn't know a lot about personal fitness. He started me out on a plan that was perfect for me. The routines were interesting, diverse, and really pushed me to the limit. The best part -- I began to see results within a month! I've packed on a lot more muscle and strength over the past four months and owe it all to Cory. I feel great and have learned a lot in the process. I can't recommend him more."

- Mark C.

"I trained with Cory for a year and I highly recommend him.

He's very talented, inventive and creates workouts that are specially tailored for you. He always kept things mixed up so it made it that much more fun. He's good at pushing you effectively without feeling like an army sergeant. I learned interesting new moves that were surprisingly simple and effective. Cory is also a super cool, easy going guy so it made my morning workouts that much more enjoyable."

- Melissa L.

"I trained with Cory for a year and we never did the same workout twice. Cory was able to create customized workouts on the spot, based on what my needs were each day. Not only did we use a variety of equipment (weights, TRX, rings, sliders, ropes, etc.), but Cory taught me how to use the equipment in unconventional ways. As I got stronger, Cory would scale the workouts accordingly, constantly pushing me to the next level and keeping me from reaching a plateau. I highly recommend training with Cory if you are looking for an attentive trainer to help you reach your fitness goals."

- Caitlin J.

"I've had a number of different trainers because i travel a lot for work, and I'm very picky when it comes to someone who is going to help me attain my goals. Cory Suess is one of the best trainers who's trained me. As someone who gets bored with workouts, he constantly challenged me, introduced me to new unique exercises that are surprsingly simple, but highly effective, and always pushed me to above my potential. My goal was to build muscle mass, and within just a few weeks I saw great results, and was the healthiest I've ever been. I see in other reviews, that the main consensus is that working out with him is FUN. I have to agree with those reviews. I never had a moment where I dreaded waking up in the morning to go workout, I always looked forward to our training sessions and knew the time would be well spent. Seriously, and again, I've worked with several trainers - you should definitely train with Cory. It will be well worth your time and money. I wanted to take him with me to the East Coast to be my personal trainer, but sadly, he's content on staying out West. My loss."

- Mike H.

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